Holistic Counseling, Advanced
Energetics & Meditation


3 hours / introductory therapy session

This is amazing value and an excellent introductory therapy session over 3 hours. The integration session offers clients ample time and the chance to share their whole story and issues with their therapist, with no rushed time schedule.

This intensified program extends:
1 hour of Formal Holistic Counseling.
1 hour of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
30 mins of Sound Bowl Therapy and Visual introduction to Advanced Energetics
* Reiki Healing and
* Pranic Therapy
(Associated with Master Cho Kok Sui).
30 mins of Advanced Energetic Therapy, Activation, Alignment, Breath work, Trauma release and Mindfulness

Note: 2 more sessions are recommended fortnightly thereafter for 1.5hrs to fully resolve issues and learn new self-regulation practices and tools.

Sessions must be pre-booked.
These sessions are held at Jacqueline’s Bayside Beach studio.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


60 mins / face-to-face or online

Jacqueline Yates HH Dip (H.C)

Member of the Holistic Health Association International

These combined counselling therapies provide effective cognitive and holistic understanding, towards mental health and wellbeing. Strategy, understanding and insight, as well as easy to practice tools are extended to the client, who is suffering from their ‘condition’. The word holistic extends to therapies that acknowledge the healing of the mind, body and spirit.

This modern alternative therapy utilizes the observations of ‘the Whole’ person’s life and the deeper aspects of how the negative cycle or poor psychological processing was established in the person’s past. Jacqueline will encourage and coach YOU to create POWERFUL and POSITIVE CHANGE in all areas.

You will use the tools to SHIFT and RELEASE your negative thoughts, feelings, dialog, behaviours, distortions and actions. Therapy is a truly rewarding and beneficial experience. This program specifically focuses on SELF REGULATION, without diagnoses or medication.


Pranic Healing / Reiki / Mindfulness

Coaching / Relaxation Therapy / Meditation


30 mins / face-to-face

Empower your current thought process by balancing ‘the Self’, through energetic therapy. Learn to advance your natural vibrational energy to higher levels, creating healthy wellbeing, vibrance and the ability to shift most of your thinking to the powerful subconscious mind.

Using ‘Divine white light energy,’ (non-religious). Jacqueline, will facilitate and activate your mind, body and soul in a complimentary treatment (conducted after your counseling session.)

Alternative holistic practices and therapies include; Meditation, stress release, emotional release, trauma release, visualization, breathwork, chakra balancing and alignment. Mindfulness Coaching is also incorporated into this session, leaving you feeling confident, calm, centred and released of old thoughts, feelings and patterns.

These sessions create deep relaxation, pain relief, assist with insomnia, mild anxiety, depression, positive mental clarity, self-confidence and the effective treatment of Post-traumatic Stress.


Holistic Counselling / Dialog Coaching / Strategy / Exercise


60 mins / walking together

This accelerated 60-minute coaching session, offers an alternative to the formal “Couch and Coach” process. It instead introduces a modern and highly effective coaching system with proven results. This program was specifically designed for Men’s Mental Health issues by Jacqueline.

The outdoor setting, involves walking and talking through your personal issues in an inspiring, engaging and active coaching program.

Appointments are booked at your convenience on a weekly or fortnightly basis, until you feel the issue has been confidently understood and overcome.

Jacqueline’s array of “Waterside” locations, makes her sessions enjoyable and convenient. These accelerated coaching sessions leave you to feel great, whilst teaching you ways to use your tools that will ultimately help you to overcome your issues.

Live your BEST LIFE.

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